Yoga & Acupuncture

at Synergy Wellness Center/Hudson, Ma

Sunday February 10th 12:15-2:15 PM

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Join Amy and Marianne for some serious mid-winter self care! Experience a gentle yoga practice focused on releasing stuck energy and healing your body from the inside out...immediately followed by the amazing healing benefits of a grounding acupuncture treatment. But wait! There's more!! Stay and enjoy a cup of Chinese herbal tea especially formulated to reduce stress at the cellular level. This workshop is appropriate for any fitness level. No prior experience with acupuncture required. 

More information:

Mid to late winter is a time when the body is shifting from restorative energy to one of growth and movement. As the days get longer, our bodies have begun to shift from “Yin” (the restorative, quiet energy of winter) to “Yang” (the active, quick energy of spring). The winter solstice is the most Yin time of the year.

Our bodies feel these seasonal shifts and when we are in harmony with them, we are able to transition with ease. However, when we are not in harmony - the transition from Yin to Yang can be potentially tumultuous. It is not uncommon to feel especially irritable & tired during this time of year. Have you ever felt a little uncomfortable in your own skin?? That is your body trying to tell you something!  

Each season is linked with an organ system in the body. The winter is linked to the kidneys - they hold our vital energy. When the kidneys are strained you may feel tired, have problems concentrating & crave salty food. Spring is linked to the liver & loves movement & expansion. Irritability and frustration are not uncommon emotions when the liver is out of balance. In addition, stress-related health issues such as insomnia and digestive issues can arise.

Many spring allergies & illnesses can be traced to imbalances during the winter & the transition to spring. This is a good time of year to nurture the Kidney & Liver Qi to enhance wellbeing throughout the year.

Yoga has been helping people find balance of mind, body & spirit for centuries & its impact on how we manage life’s transitions can feel downright magical. Give your body the gift of a thoughtful yoga practice crafted to rejuvenate stuck energy, release congestion & open up your being to allow for the powerful healing an acupuncture treatment brings. Ahhhhh…..

In this supportive, relaxing environment, Amy will guide you through a gentle yoga practice inspired by fourth chakra energy with a special focus on heart and lungs. Marianne will treat you to a healing acupuncture treatment during savasana (final resting pose). The treatment will support the Kidney & Liver while using points to help the body & mind enter a deeper state of relaxation.  

Acupuncture is a modality of Chinese Medicine, & is a safe and effective way to address many health issues, using the body’s own healing ability.  Needles are one-time use & hair-thin. This workshop is appropriate for those who are experienced with acupuncture as well as those new to this healing modality. Non-insertive options are available (simply let Marianne know upon arrival). We promise you will leave feeling at ease as well as nourished, & grounded when you leave!

Amy Yapp, RYT200, began teaching yoga in 2003, receiving her certification from Johnny Gillespie of Empowered Yoga. Always focusing on healing and prevention, Amy’s teaching has a strong foundation built upon alignment-based poses and tension relieving breath work to restore and empower her students. She recently became certified as a Roll Model Method Practitioner and loves to incorporate the self-healing techniques of myofascial release into her teachings. Amy has been receiving and recommending acupuncture for 20 years so this workshop is especially near and dear to her heart!

Marianne Volpe, Lic.Ac., MAOM, is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Hypnotherapist and wellness coach. For 20 years, she has been in holistic medicine including traveling to sacred spaces from Tibet to the Mojave Desert and throughout the US, studying and helping to facilitate awareness of our potential to grow, heal and realize who we are. Her specialty in Chinese Medicine includes neurology and women’s health.


February 4-13 Online

Nature is medicine. There are so many health benefits- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual- to spending time outside in nature. Even a few moments of unplugged nature time can bring us back to center and provide us with a natural reset. The truth is, we are not separate from nature; we are part of it and when we lose the connection to the natural world, we lose part of ourselves. In this 10 day, online, interactive class , we will be nourishing ourselves through reestablishing and strengthening our relationship with our natural surroundings. Each day there will be a daily prompt to get us all outside and interacting with our natural surroundings. We will also have conversations about the healing benefits of nature along with tips on seasonal nutrition and Chinese medicine wisdom.

REGISTRATION OPTIONS: For newcomers to this community, there are two options for registration to join Nature + Nourish. Option 1 is for those interested in incorporating Shakeology (a high quality, superfood shake which I personally use daily) into the class to emphasize a focus on internal nourishment in addition to the external nourishment of time in nature. With this option, the class fee is waived with purchase. Option 2 is for those who would like to participate in this healing class but are not interested in adding in the nutritional shake component. See below for sign up and payment options.

If this speaks to you, email me . 
In Good Health,
Marianne ❤